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“Natassja is such an amazing talent!! Catch her live performance!” - Exclusive Vibes, DJ and Live Music ensemble for weddings (Toronto)

“The moment she started playing, I started breathing. Now that's what I'm talking about! Art heals! “- Fiona Flyte, Singer’s Biz Coach, Mindset and Music Coach (Los Angeles)

“Music therapy everyday”- Heather Peter, Social Media Designer and Marketer (Hamilton)

“Wanna be amazed but also soothed at the same time? By piano teacher (Natassja) is crazy talented and is doing livestreams daily!” – Sara Geidlinger, Bonnpark Podcast Co-Host (Kitchener)

“Give a follow and listen to a local musician livestream music everyday” -  Cafe 22 (Waterloo)

“For all of you wanting to clear your minds and also great music for quiet time” – Alvina Tjandra, #charityathome affiliate (Indonesia)​

“Piano on the Patio is doing God's work to keep us entertained during self-isolation “- Shyam Jajal, Photographer (Toronto)

“You don't wanna miss out on some amazing tunes played by Natassja” – Kelly, Fashion Entrepeneur (Waterloo)

“She makes magic music with her hands. She's incredible” – Fatima Tuz Zohra, Doctor (Pakistan)

“Take a 10 min break from the daily stress of life and enjoy a recital from this talented pianist. Tune in and cheer up” – Steven, Government Worker (Waterloo)


“ #foragoodcause she's going live! Love (her) “ – Mada Tamara, Influencer and Brand Ambassador (China)

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