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Natassja Debra is a pianist, chamber musician, and private piano instructor based in Waterloo, Canada.

With over 12 years of competitive piano performing experience in both local and international music hubs such as Toronto and Jakarta (Indonesia), Natassja’s classical background enables her to play a variety of genres from classical, cultural, contemporary, to pop music. 

Natassja started playing at a young age and continued taking private piano lessons which lead to her Grade 7 Trinity Guildhall London qualifications in 2012. Originally coming to Canada from Indonesia to pursue post-secondary education in Psychology at the University of Toronto, Natassja decided to pursue music instead. She enrolled at Mohawk College in Hamilton, for their Applied Music Program (Classical Piano) in 2015. There, she studied under world-class classical musicians such as Jamshed Turel, Susan Lee, Leslie Newman, and Alexei Gulenco. Natassja also dabbled in Jazz Piano and Music Theory, through taking additional contemporary courses and received guidance from Pat Collins and Dusty Micale. She was also the Music Students' representative for the Mohawk Student Association (MSA), a Teaching Assistant, A Student Mentor, an active Mohawk College Music student, and a volunteer during her time at Mohawk. Natassja received international student scholarships from being on the Dean's List on most semesters, before participating in the Mohawk College Marketing Campaign as the Mohawk College Music Program representative and graduating with distinction in 2018.

Natassja now curates music sets and plays for weddings, corporate gigs, music shows, other social and community events in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge (KWC), Ontario. With affiliations to the CKMS 102.7, CFRU 93.3, other surrounding radio stations, and regular performances in local restaurants and artisanal coffee shops, Natassja finds excitement in always be playing on a patio somewhere in the city.

Finding connection and meaning through the beauty of art and rhythm of the music goes hand in hand with her craft. Natassja is passionate about sharing music, and community building by playing for local fundraisers, and have performed in collaboration with the Food Bank, Royal Canadian Legion, Rare Sites, Idea Exchange Libraries, and Chartwell Retirement Homes to name a few.

She is also a dedicated private piano instructor. There is a stigma about learning music as an adult especially, a glorified common misconception that innate talent being the deciding factor of a successful music career that Natassja is very much against. Natassja enjoys the joys and challenges in teaching students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, and especially nurturing intermediate-level musicians who have doubts in their playing or pursuing their musical careers.

Natassja built the Cadenza Piano Studio in 2019 where she teaches private piano lessons from. Natassja is also in the progress of recording and producing music, with plans in releasing her own album at the end of the year (2020).

Natassja's recital (2018)

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